If you’re new to Cowboy Action Shooting, check over our web pages, then hop on the links we’ve listed for more great information.
The best thing you can do is just mosey on over to one of our practice nights (see our schedule). This will be honey on that old sourdough biscuit you’ve been chewin’ on. We’ll share everything we know about cowboy action shooting and we’ll even let you shoot our guns. We’re the most friendly and helpful bunch of hombres you’ll ever meet along the trail.
So don’t be shy or use that old excuse "I’ll do it next week." There isn’t a one of us old seasoned shooters that didn’t have to start somewhere. And friend, this is where it’ll start for you. We know you’ll love it. It’s almost more fun than a person should be allowed to have.
We know you’re a cowboy at heart. Remember the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne, and all the others? Good memories, right? Well, we keep them alive in cowboy action shooting.

2019 Events

    • April 17 thru September 25
    • Every Wednesday Night, 5:00 pm - dark
    • A great time to learn the sport or get better at it! Spectators FREE & ALWAYS welcome.
    • "The BIGGEST TARGETS in Michigan!!!"

    • May 11
    • June 8
    • July 13
    • Aug 24
    • Registration: 8:30-9:30 A.M.
    • Cost: $18 Non-Wolverine Ranger, $15 Ranger, 16 & Under - Free
    • It's more fun than should be allowed.
    • Location: Saginaw Field & Stream Club - 1/2 mile north on Gleaner road off M-46, this corner is 1 mile west of the M-52 & M-46 intersection.4
    • For more information contact Bad River Marty at 989-585-3292 or by email at

The Hombre To Contact

Bad River Marty
Gunfighter and Cowboy Shoot Director

Cowboy Action Shooting - Equipment, Categories & Clothing

Every good cowboy (and even those "bad guys") will need 2 single-action revolvers, a pistol caliber rifle, and a shotgun. For specific types, go to and lookup the SASS Handbook. That’s the Rule Book for Cowboy Action Shooting. We all play fair".that’s part of the Cowboy Way!!!

You’ll also need a gun cart to haul all your guns & ammo. You aren’t a pack horse and this new-fangled invention is a might dandy contraption. Look over the other pard’s carts when you come to our practices and you’ll get some ideas.

A shooter’s category is determined by the type of "six-gun" he or she uses, the kind of propellant used and the shooting style. Some categories or classes are Modern, Traditional, Frontier Cartridge (black powder), Duelist, Gunfighter, Frontiersman and more. And ladies, there are categories for you, too! And yes, them young’uns can even shoot, if they’ve reached the ripe old age of 12 years old. This is a "family" fun sport.

A real fun side of Cowboy Action Shooting is getting dressed-up in cowboy clothing to fully develop your newly chosen character. Clothes make the man or lady of the Old West.

If you are a SASS member, minimum "western" attire is required at shoots. This includes a cowboy hat, boots and shirt. Sorry, no tennis shoes or t-shirts. Did you ever see John Wayne wearing those??? And ladies, you have the option of dressing like a working cowgirl or, if you prefer, dressing as a fancy lady. And, of course, there are always those "Soiled Doves" flitting around.

Ladies and gents can find lots of 19th century wearing apparel for sale on internet sites, catalogs, or from vendors that set up at larger shoots. There are also many fine patterns available for the seamstress in the family.


For those of you interested in learning about Cowboy Action Shooting, locally or nationwide, these two websites are excellent.

Single Action Shooting Society
215 Cowboy Way
Edgewood, NM 87015

Wolverine Rangers

This is the mother lode for all cowboy action shooting. Also check this site for the SASS shooting and safety rules...and how to get your alias. SASS stresses "Safety, first & always" as every cowboy shooter’s motto! Live by it!

Wolverine Rangers is the organization that represents all the Michigan cowboy action shooting clubs. It is SASS affiliated and follows all SASS rules. For any Michigan cowboy action shooting information, this is the site to see. Great photos, too!