Lake Vitek



The lake has been named after one of our founding members, Joseph Vitek.  Joseph was a past president of the club and a life member. Iles Isle the island in the lake has also been named after one of our past presidents and life member, Ed Iles. 

Both Joseph and Ed were true conservationists and ardent supporters and protectors of our natural resources. The lake is over 20acres with a maximum depth of between 7-8 feet.

  • We do not allow swimming in the lake and fishing is catch and release only.
  • Access is closed to the northern section of the lake; this is where the trap and
    skeet fields are located.
  • Signs are posted and please stay out of this area.
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Lake Vitek is available for boaters, kayaks, dog training and fishing. Several common species of fish call our lake home; bass, blue gill, crappie and catfish are commonly caught by anglers throughout the year. 

Fishing is catch and release only; this is to ensure others have a chance to enjoy the fun. 

Lake Vitek can be accessed through several points; separate gate located off Gleaner Rd, through a hiking trail that is accessed near the main gate or a picnic area located near the pistol range parking lot. 


We have a maintained a trail system that encompasses most of the lake area and is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature, common sightings of deer and variety of birds are seen on the trails.


YES! Camping is welcome for members and a donation is expected while using the grounds, please use designated fire pits and cleanup after yourself. There is electrical power and porta johns for use while enjoying the lake.

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rc race



We host the Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club races during the summer months and spectators are welcome, check the website calendar for scheduled events, or just listen close and you maybe able to hear them from your house as they are loud when they get racing. 

For more information about the boat races you can check out their website at