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Saginaw Field and Stream has much to offer for anyone interested in the great sport of archery. We have activities throughout the year that are geared to both youth and adult archers of all talent levels.

If you are member of our club in good standing, you can access the CEC archery building at any time for an additional $30.00 on top of your annual membership. If you choose this option, your current gate access card will also allow you to access the CEC archery building whenever you would like. Check the calendar of events for upcoming events.

If you need any other information, please contact:

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Outdoor Archery

Saginaw Field and Stream hosts the Rinehart 100 every year which attracts archers from all over to Saginaw Field and Stream. 

All other ranges are shut down for the weekend to allow for 2-50 target courses to be shot. One side is a standard North American course where you will face targets such as large whitetails, elk, bison, moose, and many other species native to North America.

The other course option is the Safari side having more exotic targets such as a giraffe, elephant, kudu, and other species from around the world. 

More information and registration for the Rinehart 100 can be found on their website.

In addition to the club 3D shoots the club also hosts multiple competitive 3D shoots each year from orginizations such as the IAA, ASA, and IBO or facebook page.

For more information see the calendar of events or call

Indoor Archery

Saginaw Field and Stream has a variety winter leagues for those looking to improve their skills while enjoying the camaraderie of shooting with other folks sharing the same interests.

We offer both sport and animal leagues with morning and evening lines. Starting the first week of January and running through the end of March there are 4 different leagues offered during the week. All leagues have a $10 fee to join the league and $5 to shoot for the week for both members and non-members.

Joining the league is not a requirement to shoot for a night. For interest in any of the specific leagues please contact the person running that league.

3d indoor archery

J.O.A.D. / Youth Archery

J.O.A.D. archery Junior Olympic Archery Development is a program where young people between the ages of 11 and 20 can learn the fundamentals of archery from Certified Archery Coaches from USA Archery

Saginaw Field and Stream offers a 12 week winter program that is held inside our CEC archery building. 

To join JOAD it is suggested that you should be able to consistently shoot a 3 shot group inside a paper plate at 20 yds. 

Shooters are required to bring their own equipment. 

The cost for the J.O.A.D. program is $60.00. 

If you want to shoot for pins the shooter will also need a USA membership for $40.

For more information please contact:

Saginaw Field and Stream also offers a more informal youth league held on Saturday mornings that start the first week of January and runs through March, this league is open to any youngster looking to shoot archery at no cost. 

Equipment is not needed for this league. 

The lessons start at 8:30 AM with a pancake breakfast being served around 8. 

The schedule is flexible to work around other events that the club hosts, this year there will not be classes on Jan 13 and Feb 3 due to competitive shoots.

For more information contact:

or email at:

Thomas Township

Thomas Township also hosts multiple archery classes during the winter at the CEC archery building on Thursday nights. They offer classes for beginners up to Advanced Archery. They also have other classes during the summer. For more information visit Thomas Township’s Parks and Recreation website.