ranges for every type of shooting

RANGES information Safety enhancements are completed

All ranges are open between 8 am and dusk, following the published DNR hunting guide, 7 days a week.

Events and construction work may limit access to ranges at times please refer to website/calendar for the most up to date information. 

All personal utilizing our ranges are subject to the RANGE RULES this includes members guests and family. 

Safety is our priority while on club grounds. All events and leagues are open to members, there is a small fee associated with organized events to pay for targets.

fire arm ranges



The club currently features a 12 lane 100yd rifle range. Targets can be placed at 50yd and 100yds. Multiple events and leagues are held throughout the year which is a fun way to enjoy the shooting sports making new friends and spending time with likeminded people. This range is paper targets only. All events and leagues are open to members.

Black Powder league

April-September, Tuesday 6pm
All shoots are open to any gun which shoots Black Powder or Black Powder Substitute, with or without scopes.  NMLRA rules will be followed unless stated otherwise. Regular weekly shotgun and line matches will be scored on a handicapped basis.
CHAIRMAN: Greg Menard 989.781.9332

Youth Small Bore

April-May, Saturday 8am
In this program students will learn: GUN SAFETY, Proper Shooting Techniques 

Each student is asked to furnish his or her own .22 cal. rifle., however the club does have a few rifles available for use by those students who do not have their own. 

Students will need eye and ear protection and these items are available at the club for those who don’t have their own. There is no charge for shooting and includes targets and ammunition. Students must be 10 or older. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn to handle a gun safely or improve their target and/or hunting skills. Our participants have always enjoyed themselves and made new friends

10yd range main
25yd range main



The club has a 50yd range with fixed target stands at 25 and 50yds. The 50yd and 10yd ranges both offer a covered shooting pavilion to ensure all your gear stays dry, if your tough enough to shoot in snow and rain. The 10yd range is located down a short walking path from the parking area. Targets stands are available for use on both the 50yd and 10yd ranges.  On the 10yd stands can be moved to any distance you would like to shoot from. Both ranges are paper targets only.

Defensive Shooting

April-October, Thursday 5:30pm
Come out and practice your defensive action shooting skills. Will be using pistol, rifle and shotgun on occasion and what to bring will be shared the week prior. Some scenario-based situations as well as skills test. A great idea for CPL/CCW holder, for general weapons handling and familiarity. Also, very fun and sometimes expensive when you try out your friends’ new gun and you just must have one to.

Cowboy action shooting

April-October, Wednesday’s 5pm

Looking for some great shooting fun or just want to find out more about this sport? Why not join us on our Wednesday night practices. We start the 3rd Wednesday of April at 5 p.m. and shoot every Wednesday night through October.

Along with our practices nights, our competitive shoots can be found on the club’s calendar. Shooter’s registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with a shooter’s safety meeting at 9:30 a.m.  Shooting begins around 10 a.m. 

Visitors are welcome and there is no cost to come and watch our practices and matches. Just have eye and ear protection.

To learn more about cowboy action shooting, be sure to check us out on our cowboy’s Facebook page and on our state organization’s site below.

Bullseye Pistol

May-August, Monday 5pm
Accurate shooting at bullseye.



Saginaw Field & Stream Club has a skeet field, a combination skeet/trap field, 2 trap fields and an International/wobble trap field.

Trap and Skeet

All Year Long

  • Cost $6.00 per round, shells not included.
  • Children 16 and under may shoot for $4.00 per round.
  • Target loads only with shot sizes 7½, 8, 8½ or 9 are allowed.

The trap and skeet fields are open to the public on the following days and times: Tuesday 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM  Saturday 8:30AM to noon. Skeet is also opened on Thursday at 2:00 PM. The fields may be closed earlier than the posted quitting times if we lack shooters. It is suggested that you arrive early in the session or call ahead to see if the fields are still open. Special arrangements can be made for beginners, or large groups.

Hand Throwing/ Pattern Board

The club also has a hand throwing field located to right as you come through the main gate. This is open during shooting hours posted in the DNR hunting guide. 

Bring your own clay throwing device and practice at your convenience.

Patterning board is for size 7 ½ and smaller shot only. 

Patterning Turkey loads and Buck shot shall be done on one of the assigned action bays during Thursday night IDPA/UML Practice or schedule with an RSO. You must provide your own target and target stand.

Patterning shotgun slug are allows on the 100yd, 50yd and  10yd ranges only.

See Range Standard Operating Procedures for complete rules.

trap skeet range main